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Beware all ye who dare to enter the directory...

I've just realised *how* many unfinished VB/C projects I have. It's fun to just browse through the list of projects and try to guess what I was doing with them (not all have sensible names, and not all actually have any code in them (a couple just contain the autogenerated code). I really should polish some of these off and release them.

Random selection of some:

  • A couple of probability table generators (binomial, poisson)
  • A half-finished program to do remote shutdowns across multiple computers (I was intending hotkey support as well)
  • A folder named "Pluto", with an empty workspace inside (no, I don't know what it's for either)
  • The Faker
  • "Power", a utility of mine which basically lets you get at shutdown/restart/hibernate/whatever from the system tray. This one *is* polished and mostly finished
  • WiFiMap, a small VB program basically designed to let you plot the signal strength of an 802.11b network on a map - it works by reading the signal strength values from the driver window (you have to use Spy++ to find the hWnd number) and has been coded for two different drivers.
  • Various bits and pieces to do with a pokemon-type game music4asoul and I once thought of
  • Very customisable widget for spewing data out of a COM port, later ported to QBasic (of all things) for easier handling of binary data than VB. Needs some work
  • A LED resistor calculator - feed it the supply voltage and forward voltage & current, and it'll tell you what resistor you need to not fry the LED. Also polished.
  • A nice handful of one-off ideas that never went anywhere (e-mail client, IRC client, proxy server, music converter for my mp3 player, lj client, couple of games... the list goes on)
  • Another neat utility - you create a shortcut to this feeding it the name and path of something executable, and it'll prompt you for params. A later version remembered the params as well.
  • Disk space calculator (recursively enums a directory tree, and will print/save the result) - not quite finished (it exits without any message if it runs into file permission problems, but only when running outside of VB)
  • Mandelbrot fractal drawer - not particularly optimised
  • Pair of applets to print/save the contents of the clipboard when run
  • XMPlaySecret and XMPlaySkin

Out of all my programs (which is a lot more than shown there), 3 are published on the internet, 2 I've distributed to a couple of friends, and a dozen (including variants) were written for various companies (and so are not quite mine to throw around). And that's not counting the Java or ASP stuff (of which there is less of, and more completed of, but mostly useless).

If you're interested in anything there (want to know more, want to play with it, think that I should add feature X to program Y and then sell it for £Z, etc) then feel free to contact me (e-mail/msn/yahoo/comment here).


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