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Blue 1157: Horsham winter, Falmouth Tall Ships' Races 1998 with Red Arrows

Random film time! Blue 1157! With DX code 005813, this is a roll of Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 800 of all things. I'm not sure where I managed to find ISO 800 film, or why I bothered using it for outdoor photography in the Canon - presumably it was whatever Boots were selling at the time. I'm scanning it as "Fuji Super G 400 Gen 1" which isn't quite right, but looks to be about the closest Fuji preset. Colour correction for colour negative film is something of a black art, not helped by the lack of presets for anything vaguely modern.

Anyway, photos! My guess for the year is 1998, as I shall reveal later. And we begin with... Snow! In Horsham!

There's now a massive jump to summer - this is now in Cornwall, at one of the many random beaches my parents know of. At a guess this is somewhere along the Helford River.

On one excursion we hired a small boat and rowed upriver to an island for a picnic, complete with ducks and inquisitive swans.

Now I guessed 1998 for the year... because the Falmouth Docks are full of Tall Ships, ready I believe for the 1998 Tall Ships' Races. And overhead are the Red Arrows, displaying above the River Fal. We got an excellent view from my grandparents' house.

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