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Christmas tree

With less than a fortnight until Christmas (crikey!), I dug out the tree and set about decorating it:

It's an odd mismash of decorations that I've built up over the years from all sorts of places. The ball of fir cones and the miniature birdhouse near the top both came from a chap somewhere in the middle of Fareham, who was selling handmade Christmas decorations from his garage. The wreaths are Gisela Graham ones that I found in Sparks Yard in Arundel. The strip of ribbon (with beads and wooden shapes stuck on it) was used to wrap a present from elemnar a few years back. And, of course, there's chocolates - because they look good, and when it comes to stripping the tree I can eat them!

No lametta this year - this time there's a bit more tinsel on the tree and it doesn't seem to need the lametta. I think last year the strip of gold tinsel and the ribbon I had elsewhere.

There's a few other decorations around the flat. A set of trees (also Gisela Graham) have joined the random collection on top of my TV:

From the same person in Fareham I also bought this reindeer:

And finally, while I don't have a traditional wreath on my door I do have one last Gisela Graham decoration:

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