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Pasta night!

Tonight the voteamabob had a clear favourite in Ticket To Ride, but that maxes out at five players and there were eight of us. So myself, Jonners and Paddy played a round of Boss Monster instead. Curiously both games lasted the same amount of time - it seemed like Ticket To Ride went fairly briskly, while in Boss Monster things bogged down as we started plotting our dungeons in detail.

Boss Monster came to a rather sudden conclusion - I almost won the round before in a do-or-die move (if I splatted a marauding Epic Hero then I'd win, but if the hero made it through I'd lose) but a well-played Fear spell scuppered that. In the final round Paddy badly miscalculated and a pair of Epic Heroes finished him off, while in my dungeon a Crushinator did its job of mashing not one, but three Epic Heroes for a solid win. Come to think of it, my winning dungeons in Boss Monster tend to be powered by a Crushinator (usually with a Boulder Ramp or Bottomless Pit as a backstop) - it's a very overpowered card, especially in the endgame where I can play a random room solely to feed it to the Crushinator and give all my rooms +2 each.

After that there was some time left, so we went for One Night Ultimate Werewolf to end the evening. The villagers won the first round, while the werewolves won the second, so we went to a decider - which ended hilariously badly for the werewolves. I'd drawn a Werewolf as my starting card, but at the end of the night phase it wasn't were I'd left it on the table (suggesting that it had been swapped by someone). So I claimed outright that I *was* the Werewolf, but wasn't anymore (and so now trying for the villager win condition), and that I'd looked at one of the cards in the middle (implying that there was only one Werewolf player) and that it was the Mason - this was backed up, as there were two Mason cards and the other Mason player owned up. Jonners claimed that as Seer he'd looked at the other two middle cards of which one was the other Werewolf, so that reinforced my claim and everything looked good.

Then Sarah admitted that as Robber, she'd swapped her and my cards over... only for Paddy to state that as Troublemaker, he'd *also* swapped the same pair of cards over, leaving us with out starting cards. Epic fail, and a unanimous vote that I was indeed the Werewolf!
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