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Red 7351: Portugal in 2000ish!

Speaking of film, I scanned a much older negative the other day (Red 7351). This one is from a family holiday in Portugal, many years ago! Around the turn of the millennium my grandparents sold their house in Falmouth and spent a few years gallivanting around the world (as one does). For a time they were staying in Portugal (somewhere in the Algarve region) in a friends/relatives villa and so we went over to visit. This would have been probably in 2000ish - they left Cornwall in 1999, and this would have been before I started university in 2004. In fact, I'm fairly certain it was 1999 or 2000 as it was before the Spanish holiday and on that one myself and elemnar had recently got Pokémon Gold/Silver which came out in 2001 (I remember the pair of us passing time in the airport by sending Mystery Gift messages to each other). That's got to be one of the more unusual ways of dating photos!

This film is a Kodak Gold 400-6. Being ISO 400 there's a fair amount of grain... and with a basic point-and-shoot camera it was generally very overexposed to boot (I looked up the specs of the Canon Snappy LX-II - shutter speed ranges from 1/45 to 1/180 with a f/4.5 lens. Correct exposure on a sunny day with ISO 400 would be more like 1/2000). Fortunately colour negatives are fairly forgiving of this, though it did mean all the dynamic range was squished into one end of the raw scan. I also experimented some more with white balance as I was having problems with colour casts with the White Balance setting - trying to lock it on an unexposed portion of the film didn't work well (because of the dynamic range issue mentioned), so in the end I went with the theory that colour negatives are balanced for daylight and set VueScan to Auto Levels (which preserves the colour balance of the original scan). This generally worked well.

Anyway, the photos! We went and explored a castle - it looks like it was the Castle of Silves. That would make this the statue of Sancho I of Portugal (as least it matches the one in Wikipedia).

Random view from the keep/walls/whatever.

Interesting design on the tiles on this fountain. I'd guess this is somewhere nearby.

Also while in Portugal, we went on a boat tour around the coast. This I think is the Fort of São João do Arade.

The boat continued along the coast, passing around and sometimes under the cliffs.

The villa we stayed in was in a coastal town with a beach, which could very well be this one.

This I think is definitely the beach, but from the land.

Even back then I was trying for artistic sunset photos...

A random slice of Portuguese life: a fisherman (or fisherwoman?) up on the headland.

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