Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

Random outing

Today's random outing was to Portchester Castle, to have a play with the Nikon F-301 before the sun disappeared. Despite the late hour there was still plenty of light and there should be some good photos in there, though as always with film you'll have to wait until I scan them.

Speaking of randomness, today's random "small world" event was with one of the English Heritage staff there. She had to unlock the main door to the castle grounds to let myself and another chap out (because the folks at the church in the grounds had gone home early and locked up!), and while doing so we ended up chatting for a few moments and I mentioned how at Pendennis Castle when staying there you get a key to the main door. At which point it turned out that she used to live in Falmouth! It's odd how I end up bumping into people with local connections - probably the most surprising one was on the ferry to Dublin, when I visited my aunt in Bangor way back in 2006.

Moroccan Mint Tea - interesting. A nice brew to have on a cold evening.
Tags: castle, small world, tea

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