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Advent 2016, day 4

Today's random surprise was lighting the Advent candle at church - today's the 2nd Sunday of Advent. Normally they let one of the children do it, but on the 1st Sunday of the month they're all over at Messy Church in the hall so the leader suggested that "perhaps someone who's a child at heart" could do it and I was volunteered as being one of the youngest present! Although not quite the youngest as it turned out - it turned out that it was someone else's "8th anniversary of their 21st birthday" (which struck me as a fun way to celebrate a birthday without seeming to be that old).

Anyway, Advent Calendars!

Another brand of tea to try!

Today's Star Wars construction is another starfighter-thing. I'm not sure which way round this one flies - whether the green sticks are engine exhausts or laser beams.

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