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Advent 2016, day 1

This year allegramente sewed together advent calendars for myself and elemnar - they were ready just in time for us to collect last weekend, stocked full of surprises...

elemnar's calendar has a different pattern, but both contain the same surprises so if you've not made a start on yours yet elemnar then don't click on the cut below...

Tea! Great British Tea! Literally, in this case - it's grown in Tregothnan, and if that sounds like a Cornish name then you'd be right - Tregothnan is just upriver from Falmouth. I didn't know there was any tea-growing in England.

As it happens I've got at least three advent calendars this year - the aforementioned Mystery Advent Calendar, a chocolate one (there has to be a chocolate one, and this time it's a nice one from Cocoa Loco), and finally a Lego Star Wars calendar that I was given a couple of years ago. Let's take a look behind door number 1...

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