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Blue 1626: Beachy Head sunset, Battle Abbey

Random film time! Today's mystery film is... Blue 1626! Another one from late in my university days. One evening pleaseremove was round, and we (along with most of the house) spontaneously decided to drive to Beachy Head to watch the sunset. I posted a couple of digital photos back in 2007, but I also took the Nikon F-301 with me.

The film is another rebranded Fujicolor 200 (I probably bought a bag of the stuff from Boots) so I'm trying the same settings as last time.

As a random aside, the back of the film has been gunked with something or other, which Boots presumably didn't notice when developing it as the marks are visible in their prints. Since it was the base side rather than the emulsion I attacked it (very gently!) with a few drops of isopropyl-alcohol-containing lens cleaner which quite happily dissolved the gunk. Infra-red cleaning took care of the rest. Result!

The setting sun at Beachy Head.
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I like the way sunsets can fill the sky with pastel colours.

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pleaseremove, armed with a much more modern Nikon D80.

A more experimental/abstract sort of photo. This was probably taken out of the car window on the way back from the sunset photos.
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The Belle Tout Lighthouse. Locally famous as in 1999 it was at risk of falling in the sea due to the cliff eroding, so the entire lighthouse was moved inland 56 feet in one piece.
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Inbetween the Beachy Head photos and the next outing were a few random ones from the garden of the Brighton House (most likely taken from my bedroom window). This one in particular caught my eye. It's odd - it's a horribly blurry and poorly focussed photo, and yet I like it. I can't quite put my finger on why.
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The next outing was Battle Abbey. As I came to the end of my time in Brighton and before I moved away, I realised that I'd hardly ever travelled West of Brighton. The furthest I'd been was Lewes, and that only because of a part-time job in East Sussex County Council (I had the lofty title of "Performance Improvements Project Officer"). So with my departure to Fareham nearing I poked around at train times and set off to spend the day in Battle. I'd visited Battle Abbey before - twice, I think (once when I was tiny with the family, once as part of a school trip I went on with pleaseremove) - but those trips were many years ago. Since then they've built a new visitor centre/exhibition thing and redone the audio tour. I managed to pick a nice sunny day when I went, with some scattered cloud - perfect for photos! So I spent an hour or three meandering along the battlefield before heading up to the Abbey proper, taking a collection of photos on film and digital.

There's more photos from that trip, but those will have to wait until I scan the next film!
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