Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

Pasta night, with SCIENCE BREAD!

Okay, so it's just partly-homemade garlic bread, which for some reason we decided to call SCIENCE BREAD. Today's experiment was a tiger bread baton from Tesco's, with a mix of garlic paste, grated cheese, and a little parsley as a filling. I then dampened the crust a little and we stuck it in the oven until it started smoking. Verdict... definite success for the bread, mostly successful for the filling - the garlic paste had a slightly odd aftertaste to it. I think the previous experiment with real garlic worked better but there was a lack of butter to blend the garlic with. The cheese was a good idea but it needs a bit more.

Today's game of choice was two decks of Exploding Kittens combined with the Imploding Kittens expansion. The game went on a surprisingly long time - people kept on surviving explosions by managing to grab defuse cards from the discard pile. In the end it came down to three players and three cards (two of which were explosions).

Speaking of games, I borrowed Settlers of Catan off of Jonners recently and yesterday the family gave it a try. The Gnu's reaction was interesting - after a few rounds of everyone getting to grips with the mechanics he started paying serious attention to the probabilities involved (his comment was the game must have been created by a mathematician). We'd gone for a completely random setup and he managed a good set of starting locations, which he quickly linked to claim the longest road bonus. The victory points accumulated until The Gnu and I were on 9 points each and just needing one more to win - I went down the development card route which had a fair chance of victory, but in the end The Gnu managed to get enough resources to upgrade another settlement to a city for the final point. I can see this being another game to get our own copy of...
Tags: board games, nablopomo

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