Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

More thanksgiving!

Today there was more thanksgiving - it was Joshua's thanksgiving/dedication service at London Road Methodist.

Oddly enough thanksgiving/baptism was something we were discussing in housegroup the other day - they were commenting that a lot of non-church-goers will get their child baptised as being "the done thing", while regular-church-goers these days are tending to opt for a dedication instead. The reasoning is that this means that the child can choose whether or not to become Christian when they're older, rather than assuming that that's what they will want (obviously as Christians they hope their child will follow them, but the point is that the parents are giving their child that choice).

In other news, I forgot my recommended daily driver rant yesterday, about the numpty on the Billingshurst bypass that decided to overtake a slew of cars in one go. Hopefully the Alfa's hazards lighting up from the near-emergency-stop I did (to avoid ramming him, because that would be unpleasant) woke him up!

And because the roads are full of 'em, I encountered another numpty on the drive back today. A white van tailgated me through Petworth... and then decided the best place to pass me was on one of the mini-roundabouts. Seriously - we exited side-by-side, and he accelerated off into the distance (ignoring the 30mph speed limit) scaring an oncoming van onto the pavement. That's beyond just being obnoxious and is actively dangerous.
Tags: driving, nablopomo

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