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Board games!

I forgot to mention that I played a new board game the other day. A friend from church is part of a gaming group (I think mostly full of IBM chaps, so he and I are the odd ones out!) and occasionally hosts at his place, so I went along. This time the game was Imperial - in a nutshell, everyone's competing to invest in major European powers to build their empire. The twist is that it's not the players who take turns, but rather the countries, with the player that's invested the most in the country getting to decide what it does. This does make setting up long-term plans tricky as it's all too easy for someone else to wrest control of a country from you and then scupper your carefully laid plan.

In the end I didn't do too well - I misjudged what was happening in the endgame and thought there'd be another round before someone reached the maximum level of investment and ended the game. Another turn or two and I'd have been able to score a good few more points, but oh well. I still had fun which is the important part and it's one I'd like to try again at some point.
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