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Pasta night!

Just getting to pasta night was hard enough - someone managed to roll a dustbin lorry of all things on the M27 eastbound... immediately before the J12 exit. This basically snarled up the entire M27 as far back as Southampton Airport. So I looked at Google's traffic data, and went "ah-hah, the A27 looks fairly clear, so I shall be Smart and use the A27 through Fareham and Portchester". This was actually a very good idea with only one flaw - to get to the A27 I had to leave Segensworth. That alone took over 45 minutes to achieve as the local roads were equally snarled up.

Today's game of choice was Betrayal at House on the Hill. It's a game of two halves: everyone starts off exploring the haunted house, until enough Omen cards are collected that someone fails the Haunt roll. At that point one of the players becomes the traitor and starts attacking the rest. In this case, Sarah's character became invisible and so we had to try and hunt her down (by guessing where she'd moved to and attacking in that room), while she got to sneak around. It was looking to become a long drawn-out affair until Jonners managed a lucky guess on Sarah's location and an even luckier attack roll that splatted her character in one hit. Definitely one to play again, though like Eclipse possibly at the weekend when we've got more time.

Definitely a wet and wild night, driving back from Billingshurst... not helped by having to dodge I think a dog walker on the A29 followed immediately by a white van man parked at the side of the road opening his door! Fortunately I could dodge into the other lane and didn't hit anyone or anything, but I could have done without that surprise.
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