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Phoenix Wright: Spirit of Justice

Because I'm clearly not trying to complete enough different games, I bought the latest Phoenix Wright instalment (Spirit of Justice) recently. I am trying to limit the number of unfinished games I've got, honest!

I've actually been playing it a fair bit and have now reached the final case. Being a Phoenix Wright game, the cases are all full of plot twists and turns and nothing is quite what it seems... except for your client being innocent. Probably. And the prosecution being narrow-minded and blinded to the possibility that they might be wrong. Certainly all the cases revolve around taking the prosecution's carefully constructed scenario and pointing out that what actually happened is entirely different... and then after having done so, shredding your own scenario in favour of a third timeline.

There's an overarching plot with references to some of the earlier games which is nice to have, especially as the plot is getting interesting (case 5 in particular has a surprise with who your opponent in the courtroom is). I like it when games put effort into the backstory - they could just have a string of mostly individual cases and indeed the earlier instalments were like that, but it adds to it when there's something to tie everything together. It's a bit like Wipeout 64 - yes, that's just a racing game, it doesn't need any plot at all, and yet the manual hints at a whole world with team descriptions, track design notes, quotes from notable figures in the Wipeout world. It just makes it all so much more.

Plus Spirit of Justice has some wonderfully silly bits of dialogue, such as this gem from Apollo (which reminded me of the whole Boaty McBoatface thing)...

...or later on, this time disagreeing with Dhurke's optimism...

I can see the writers/translators had fun with the dialogue.

One thing that caught my eye, or rather ear: the music for the Dance of Devotion sounds a lot like the opening theme to the first and second Ghost in the Shell films. Is it some sort of Japanese music theme/style?
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