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'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Pasta night, and car glitches [Monday 14th November 2016 at 11:25 pm]

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[Feeling |sleepysleepy]
[Playing |All Time High [James Bond Themes]]

It's Monday which means it's pasta night!

Today's games were two rounds of Colt Express, followed by a game of Sushi Go. I won the first Colt Express round quite solidly, with the bonus for most shots fired - that plus a good haul of treasure easily netted me the win. The second game went... less well, as everyone else returned fire and I had a hand of not much. Plus Jonners got both the briefcase and most shots fired bonus, so that's a score of $2000 before counting any treasure.

With Sushi Go I managed joint 2nd with Matt - my undoing in that was entirely ignoring the Dessert cards which cost me 6 points at the end of the game.

Onto my car. I've mentioned before that the power steering is a bit temperamental (my car being an Alfa, it's a given that there'll be something weird with it) and occasionally cuts out. Mostly it's just an annoyance as it'll switch off when I'm trying to do low-speed manoeuvring, and reverse-parking a modern car without power steering is hard work. It did once switch off on the Fontwell bypass between the roundabouts which was mildly interesting to handle, but at the same time slightly easier - the force needed is a lot less when the car is moving. Changing the battery a couple of years ago helped, as did learning to give the car a bit more revs when doing slow/tight turns, and it's been some time since I've had an issue.

That run of good fortune ended tonight with it cutting out as I was trying to park behind my flat - the space is uphill and I have to turn tightly into it, and tonight as I was starting the turn the power steering switched off. Most annoying. So the plan is to get in touch with Paul at Newick, and trundle over sometime in the next week or so so that he can read the fault codes and poke around at it - at the last service he cleared all the fault codes so anything listed should be related to this specific glitch.
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