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Blue 1624: Brighton photos

Scanning 35mm negatives is a tricky job - the default settings have a tendency to be very dull, with a poor colour cast and no detail in dark areas. Now, I can't be bothered with trying for a perfect scan but I'm certainly happy to tweak things a little to get a better result, and the easiest tweak appears to be to tell VueScan just what type of film I'm using. Boots own-brand makes this trickier, but I did some poking around and found out that Boots stuff is most likely rebranded Fujifilm and the DX barcode (the black stripes next to the sprocket holes) can be decoded to work out just what it is - I used DXsim to decode the barcode, and then the Dexter database to decode the barcode. Other tweaks are setting the colour balance to "White balance", white and black points to 5% (i.e. the top/bottom 5% of the input range is clamped - this increases the contrast), and enabling light infrared cleaning.

To keep track of which films I've been through, I'm using the stickers that Boots marked them with when processing them. I've not run into any duplicates yet...

Anyway, enough photographic mumbo-jumbo. Today's film is... *digs through box* blue 1624! This is a roll of Boots own-brand ISO 200 (DX number 001304, so actually Fujicolor 200 - I'm scanning as "Fuji Super G 200") containing photos from my time at university, probably late 3rd-year. In fact, they may well be the photos I alluded to in this post!

Brighton's increasingly derelict West Pier. Almost every time I visit Brighton, I end up wandering to the seafront with camera in hand and taking yet another photo of the remains.

Waves crashing over the end of one of the stone projections next to the non-derelict Brighton Pier.

Pebbles, set in cement. Probably taken at the same place as the previous photo. Despite how it looks I doubt this is a macro photo - as I recall the macro button on the lens was stuck.

Rainbows in the fountain at Victoria Gardens, taken most likely with a polarising filter. Cross-posted to deviantArt.

Random sky photo. I take a lot of sky photos, playing around with the light and the clouds. Cross-posted to deviantArt.

Now this is from the house I shared in Brighton, probably taken from my bedroom window. One of the neighbours was burning something or other, and the shadows cast by the tree in the smoke caught my eye.

A random sunset photo (I take a lot of these as well). Again this was taken from the Brighton house.

Part of the garden brambles silhouetted against the sunset. I like the way it looks like a cardboard cutout. Cross-posted to deviantArt.

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