Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

A cunning plan...?

Well, I had a cunning plan for NaBloPoMo but part of it appears to have evaporated. This is most annoying.

I'll just have to settle for a slightly less cunning plan. This may cause some delays in enacting the plan, so I'm hedging my bets with this post to meet the daily post requirement.

That said, if I leave it at that talismancer will (justifiably) snark at me for the lack of content so here's something to bulk up the word count a bit...

I took this a couple of weeks ago on a lunchtime stroll. There's a well-hidden path off a roundabout in the industrial estate that heads down a steep slope and into a small patch of woodland that's somehow avoided being developed. The branches either side were a mix of green and autumnal brown except for this one tree, where the leaves had turned this wonderful vivid shade of red.
Tags: nablopomo, photography

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