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Car check time!

I've been a bit remiss in blogging about this (and about so many other things - I only published one post in the whole of September), but the checks have been happening, honest!

The last few checks mainly involved topping up tyre pressures a little to counteract the normal loss of air with time - not that they particularly needed it today, but since I'd already dug the compressor out to top off the spare (at 4.2bar it loses a good 0.1bar or so a month) I did the whole lot. While I was at it I added 500ml of oil as it'd been looking a bit low on the dipstick.

As to mileage, well in June I did a surprisingly low 531 miles, July was a bit more like it at 764mi, August was somewhere inbetween with 620mi and last month I clocked up 801 miles.
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