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LOUD MODE is expensive


Turns out that the only people who make exhausts for Alfa MiTos are Alfa Romeo themselves, and they only sell it as one complete part. So to fix a blowing flexi-connection at the front requires replacing almost the entire exhaust (everything downstream of the catalytic converter), and the replacement part costs the best part of £600 (because Alfa). Ouch.

I could potentially get an exhaust specialist to bodge it by taking an angle grinder to the exhaust and welding a new flexi-connection in, but it's easiest to just let Halfords crack on and replace the whole unit (plus I'll hopefully avoid having to replace the rest of it in a year or two). The replacement does actually come in two pieces but you can't really replace them piecemeal at first because the factory-fitted exhaust is one single lump.

The Gnu suggested getting the engine mounts looked at as well as a flexi-connection failing could be a sign that the mounts are worn, though that can wait until I head over to Newick for the annual service.

Ah well, it's all part of the fun of owning an Alfa, and here I was thinking that because it's a MiTo it'd be cheaper to maintain - lol nope!
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