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Car check time!

Today's evening entertainment is what looks like a sizeable shunt on the A27. I'm not sure what happened or indeed how, as it's after the exits from the crazyabout (so past the most likely point of collision) and I can only see one car that they're concentrating on... but whatever it is is enough that all three services have turned up, the police have completely blocked that carriageway, and the fire brigade are now digging through their bag of toys. I pray that those involved are ok.

Anyway, that's reminded me that last weekend was car check time! Mileage in May was 666.9 miles - surprisingly low, but May's check was late in the month and June's is early so I suppose it all evens out. Unlike in May it's scorching hot at the moment which has pushed up the tyre pressures - they were all 0.05bar over. Oil's at 3/4ths so I left it for now, but I need to pick up another bottle (curiously Tesco have started selling car oil - I wouldn't trust the own brand stuff in anything, but they also have proper Castrol Edge for less than Halfords). And finally it turns out that the seal on the filler tube for the screenwash is indeed leaking slightly. Eh, I'll add it to the low-priority list.
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