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What I listen to meme

Today's meme is from allegramente over on A letter from home...

"You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your mp3 player, or whatever, on shuffle and list the first ten songs, and then tag 10 people. Rule: No skipping."

I've got a choice of two here: the full set of songs on my desktop, and the dozen hours' worth that's currently loaded onto my MP3 player. I'll start with my desktop since that's what I'm sitting in front of:
  1. La danco de la vento by Andreas Viklund
  2. Brother by Murder by Death, from a HMV 2007 sample album
  3. The Heart Asks Pleasure First by Michael Nyman, from the collection The Very Best of Pure Moods (I always confuse this with the Downtown Abbey theme)
  4. The Nutcracker Suite: Dance of the Reed Flutes by Leopold Stokowski, from the film Fantasia
  5. Tallon Overworld theme, from the game Metroid Prime
  6. Song of the Winds by Warder
  7. In the Line of Fire from the game Command & Conquer
  8. Pyroclastica (Norfair1) by Children Of The Monkey Machine, from the fan soundtrack Relics of the Chozo
  9. A Long Time by Moby, from the album Innocents
  10. Lost in Time by kb
What can I tell from that? Well, I've got a lot of game-related music, and an awful lot of instrumentals (the two are probably related). Only three of the songs there are from commercial albums. There's also a couple of tracks that I don't recall hearing before, while others are ones I recognise instantly. Lost in Time in particular puts me strongly in mind of Falmouth, and also curiously enough my university days - there was more than one evening when I had that on repeat and if you go digging through the archives you'll find it mentioned in one or two of the more rambling posts.

Speaking of Falmouth, it's been many years since I was last on holiday there. Perhaps it's time for another random holiday, maybe in a different cottage. As amazing and awesome as it is to actually stay inside the walls of Pendennis Castle (you even get a key to the sally-port in the gatehouse doors!), there must be many other wonderful and/or bizarre places to stay.

And my music player is still capable of mood whiplash, though it was being relatively tame today - where's the metal?

Anyway, now now for the MP3 player. Let's see what I'm actually listening to at work these days:
  1. Funabul by Cirque de Soleil, from Varekai
  2. Goodnight and Go by Imogen Heap, from Speak for Yourself
  3. Waylands by Nightbeat
  4. Parce Mihi Domine by Jan Garbarek & the Hilliard Ensemble, from Officium
  5. Beata Viscera also by Jan Garbarek & the Hilliard Ensemble, from Officium
  6. Loose Ends by Imogen Heap again, from Speak for Yourself
  7. In nomine XIX 'Crye' from English Heritage's Music from Tudor England (I picked this album up during the last Wales holiday from Stokesay Castle - they had it playing in the shop)
  8. Sanctus also by Jan Garbarek & the Hilliard Ensemble, from Officium (the random number generator likes this album...)
  9. Dan y Dûr by Enya, from The Celts
  10. T.N.T. for the Brain by Enigma, from Love Sensuality Devotion
Currently it's mostly loaded with easy listening music (with the exception of Imogen Heap but that's quite laid-back by pop standards) - good background music when I'm bashing some code out at work. That said there is also some VNV Nation on there, though there's no metal or rock currently loaded.

It also shows how small the MP3 player is compared to my main collection by how many randomly-selected tracks share an album. The player is a mere 512MB, which was crazy large when I bought it back in 2005 or thereabouts but feels rather small these days.

Oh yes, and I need to tag people. Hmm... in no particular order I choose brokencube, pewterfish, pleaseremove, choros, talismancer, ptristan, elemnar, rustica, milestogo13, and olego.
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