Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

Skyward Sword Hero Mode: temple 5

Master, that synthetic life-form... There is a 99% chance that it was the pirate described by the captain.
I can't help but admire the tenacity it has displayed in staying alive and functional all these years.

Fi, after defeating Scervo

A Skyward Sword update? Well, Youtube recommended an excellent cover by Field of Reeds of the Skipper's Retreat theme, and it made me nostalgic for Skyward Sword. So here I am, writing half-remembered musings of the Sand Ship that I was just about to reach the boss of (which is probably a terrible place to pick up the game again after a two year pause, especially in Hero Mode...).

The Sand Ship is another Zelda dungeon that forces the player to think in more than just two or three dimensions: in the middle of the mast is a Timeshift stone with enough power to cover the entire ship. As I recall there's a shedload of backtracking involved, as I get half-way round the ship before realising that actually, I need this platform to be over there but I can only do that in the past/present, and to do that I need to be somewhere else entirely. And once I've switched era I have to find an entirely different route.

So, par for the course for Zelda water temples then.

It's also the temple where Link finally gets a bow. For me Link has always been an archer, so it's always seemed rather odd that you go through a lot of Skyward Sword with no decent ranged weapon. The slingshot is all very well but lacks in range, the Beetle while cool is slow, and the dual Clawshots just simply aren't a bow. But with a real bow, and thankfully simplified Wii Sports Resort physics (no need to account for wind or fall of shot here!), I can now pick off enemies with ease. The only thing missing is Epona... and while archery while riding a Loftwing would be awesome, it'd also be totally impractical.

Anyway, I've been all over the ship and finally rescued the crew, which means it's about time to face the boss. And if I remember rightly it's some... sand kraken thing? Whatever it is, I remember it being big and annoying :)
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