Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

Another work surprise!

Pre-ordering directly from Nintendo works very well - they actually ship what they say they will (unlike GAME who ran out of the pre-order bonus for one Zelda DS game - probably Spirit Tracks), and even better deliver stuff early (unlike GAME online who won't even ship until launch day).

So I now have a shiny new copy of Hyrule Warriors Legends, a shiny pre-order bonus (in the form of a compass-like clock), and a very shiny New 3DSXL!


Since I'm at work I'll have to wait until later to set it up and transfer everything across, but I did power up the 3DS (thoughtfully Nintendo shipped it with a charged battery) and had a quick play with the improved 3D display. The front-facing camera now does face tracking and adjusts the 3D display to compensate, and the result is that you can move the 3DS from side to side and tilt it left and right, and the 3D Just Works. Impressive!
Tags: nintendo 3ds, zelda
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