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'Tis Easter!

So, yeah, it's Easter. And that brings with it all the usual things, like chocolate, resurrection, more chocolate, bunnies, and, of course, chocolate.

It is a bit sad how over commercialised all these things have become, when you consider that easter stems from Christ's death and resurrection (don't worry, I'm not going to get all religious on everyone), and going further back is linked in with the Jewish Passover festival, which started with Moses trying to get the Egyptians to play nice. You'd have thought that the Pharoh would have got the hint without having to kill off all the first-born sons, but obviously not.

Anyway, if you go by shop calanders then the easter season is from 26th december to whenever easter is, and the entire point of it is to sell lots of chocolate and so make lots of money. Which may seem a bit harsh, but since I've got a good haul of chocolate I'm not complaining!

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