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Name that webcomic, round 1!

And now for something entirely different! Yes, it's another name-that-whatever quiz, and today's theme is... webcomics!

To be honest I've no idea if anyone else on my friends list still reads any webcomics (or followed them in the first place)... but I'm sure I'll find out. Anyway, this more-or-less follows the usual rules (except I'm not striking out guessed entries because that makes them hard to read):

  1. Pick some of your favourite webcomics.
  2. Find a quote from each webcomics.
  3. Post them here for everyone to guess.
  4. Strike it out when someone guesses correctly, and put who guessed.
  5. Screen comments and wait a few days (preferably not months) before posting the answers to give everyone a chance at guessing.
  6. Oh, and no Googling! Or Binging, or using any other search engine.

Bring on the quotes!

  1. Can't sleep. Future will eat me.
  2. I'm with the Vorstellen Police, and before you do or say anything you might regret. I direct your attention to the badge and the gun.
  3. Really, Hepzibah? Losing your hold on me over hair?
  4. Daryl? With a grenade? Is there video? Please tell me somebody got some video.
  5. It's... uh... I roll for Bluff!
    There aren't enough dice in the world.
  6. So I slipped out a window and bought myself a bottle of liquid boredom-killer.
    Out a window? We're on the fifth floor.
    You guys hired me for my talents. But you're surprised when I actually use them?
  7. Intruders!
    False alarm!
  8. My choices also didn't include which nostril you want a fire extinguisher poked in, so I believe it would be best if we limited our options to the first two.
  9. Tower of Power!
  10. Instead of office chair package contained bobcat. Would not buy again.
    Guessed by pleaseremove

Remember, comments are screened until I get round to revealing the answers.

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