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To church, to church!

One of my New Year's Resolutions (that I thought of err... about 4 hours ago) is to go to church more often, and in the process actually make Sunday mornings happen. So today having managed to wake up early enough I braved the cold, wet and windy weather to make it to the nearby St John's church.

I've actually been to this one before - way back when I lived at Sunlight Gardens, I was at one point regularly going there. I forget exactly why I stopped - I think it was a combination of the unexpected flat move and generally failing at Sunday mornings. Anyway this is a new year, a newish boggyb, and a chance to try and make some resolutions stick. So, church!

I got there just in time to get a much-needed cup of tea before the service started (did I mention the cold, wet, windy weather?), so they're already up on bonus welcoming points. And surprisingly enough one of the welcomers/readers/person-with-a-name-badge did recognise me from when I was last there. The reading was on Noah's Ark and the rainbow, which is rather apt given the current flooding - though the chap leading the sermon did promise us that he'd chosen it several months ago.

Overall, I'm glad I made it there. Next week's service is at a slightly more challenging 10am so let's see how long I can keep this resolution going!
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