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Christmas tree

Because elemnar asked nicely for it, here's my Christmas tree!

I started with a fibre-optic tree, added lametta to the bottom half, and a few bits of tinsel and ribbons to the top, with some random decorations I've picked up over the years. In previous years I've tried to lametta the whole tree but to really look good I'd need another pack of the stuff and it's awkward enough as it is to deal with, so bottom half it is. I claim it gives a nice layered style :)

Hmm, it does look a bit bare. I keep thinking I should get some more tinsel, or possibly some baubles. Or just get some suitable string so I can make hanging loops for the box-load of mini baubles that I've already got - but that requires effort (and finding where they've been carefully stashed).

Or just add the other decorations I've got...

Much better.
Tags: christmas, real life

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