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Congratulations, ITV, you fail at web sites.

I want to watch the latest Thunderbirds episode (because Thunderbirds). So, dig out the link from the history (Firefox's awesome bar is indeed awesome)... and find that they've redesigned the site. Whatever.

Okay, click play... and be taken to a signin page. Fine, I'm sure I created an account last time they required one, and surprisingly enough it still works. That done, the site takes me back to the episode page.

Okay, so click play again... and now it demands my postcode. And my email address and password all over again because apparently remembering that I'm logged in is a Hard Problem. Fine, fill it in (after discovering that their privacy policy is literally File not found."), and get redirected back to the episode page.

Okay, click play for a third time... and get treated to a slew of adverts. At least it's now finally working.

Except it's not, as one of those redirects forgot which episode I wanted to watch and just took me to the latest. Sigh.

I thought in this shiny web 2.0 world everything happened via AJAX popups and full-page redirects were a thing of the past.
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