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MtG decks: Mephitic Ooze

Time for another MtG deck!

Current deck    
Arcbound Crusher2AC 4
Arcbound Fiend1AC 6
Arcbound Hybrid4AC 4
Arcbound Overseer1AC 8
Arcbound Stinger4AC 2
Arcbound Worker4AC 1
Darksteel Citadel4AL  
Dross Golem4AC 5
Echoing Decay4IB2
Mephitic Ooze4CB5
Myr Servitor3AC 1
Sudden Death1IBB3
Vault of Whispers4ALB 
Vulshok Morningstar4A 2
Whispersilk Cloak3A 3
Type distribution
Current deck:275  3822
Casting cost distribution
Current deck: 7124681 1  
Colour distribution
Current deck:  9  30

This one I actually built myself from scratch - for comparison, here's what it looked like back in 2006. You really don't want to see the original build that ricold alluded to in the comments of the linked post - that had lots of singletons and horrific consistency, but it worked as a starting point.

It's proven to be a reasonably effective deck - as usual for my decks it's hopeless in duels, but can do quite well once more players are added and it gets a chance to build up. The primary win condition is a ridiculously overpowered Mephitic Ooze, though the various Arcbound creatures all work nicely together with their Modular ability and the Dross Golems generally wreak havoc through being hard to block.

It runs 61 cards because I really didn't want to remove anything when I picked up a Sudden Death (I think from a booster draft) - especially not the Echoing Decays, as those have proven to be very effective at creature removal (it's rather hard to save a creature when it has zero toughness). Possibly I should drop the Overseer as as nifty as it is, it's very expensive and I've got no mana acceleration (the Fiend has also proven to be a liability on occasion, when talismancer has taken control of it and used it to kill my creatures). I've generally only seen it appear near the end of a drawn-out chaos game where I've already got plenty of big nasty creatures on the table.
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