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Firebug Lite

And now for something less rant-inducing...

Today's discovery is Firebug Lite, which is a cut-down version of the Firebug web developer tools that can be run within a browser... without a browser extension. I'm not entirely sure how they manage it - presumably some horrible abuse of Javascript - but the result is that I can get at the Javascript console inside Safari on iOS without having to hook it up to a Mac. Neat!

Actually running it in iOS Safari is a little tricky - they give a bookmarklet that loads the script, but you can't directly add that. Instead you have to take an existing bookmark and edit the URL to contain that of the bookmarklet (the easy way to do this is to use a desktop browser to copy the URL into Pastebin or whatever, then go to that page on iOS and copy'n'paste the URL from there).
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