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Random life, the universe, and everything update

The drive back from Horsham was full of having to avoid collisions. You know - brake hard to avoid the people dashing across the A24, brake to avoid someone suddenly slowing for a turning, brake hard to avoid the car that popped out to overtake at 55mph (on a 70mph dual carriageway), brake really hard to avoid the muppet who pulled out of a layby on the A27 approaching Chichester. That last one I braked hard enough to cause the hazard lights to come on (which either means the ABS cut in or I managed better than about 6ms-2 deceleration - the Internets aren't clear on what the criteria is) which is a first for me. The MiTo can slow from 70mph to 30 scarily quickly!

Driving fun and games aside, it's been another weekend of abortive plans. Friday morning a relative was admitted to hospital - don't worry, she's stable, and more cranky about the whole thing than anything else (which is a good sign - it's when patients go quiet that you need to worry). This completely scrambled whatever half-made plans there were for the weekend, and has thrown a large spanner in the works of a planned party that was going to involve her next weekend. Latest news is that the party is (probably) (maybe) going ahead. I'm sure I'll find out that there's been an entirely new set of plans concocted by Friday. Ah well, such is life.

At work the aircon guy did indeed turn up on Friday, and tinkered with the controllers. Our theory about the temperature sensors was partially accurate - he changed it to use the sensor on the controller rather than in the aircon unit so hopefully it'll behave better. We also ended up with surprise beer in the afternoon as a reward for bashing together a demo over the past week (which not only works, but also works when you try it a second time!).

pleaseremove's just called - his media centre is broken again (suspected power supply problems). We blame brokencube - in the Brighton house he broke computers just by being in the same room as them, and some of this may have rubbed off on pleaseremove while he was there...
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