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I'll give the TV Licensing people this, they're very persistent.

I just picked another bunch of letters for the house I'm in. One was for the "Communal Area" (presumably they mean the small hall-like area which is just large enough to fit 6 doors and 3 cupboards around the perimeter), so I had a look at it. The stance is very "guilty until proven guilty" - the details of how to say "I don't have a TV" are on the back in small print, while the front of the letter covers the fact that a) you don't have a license, b) we've sent you several letters telling you that, c) we're now investigating your address, and d) if we catch you then you go to court and end up paying us £1000.

This time round I didn't get one, which presumably means they've got the letter I sent them which states that I do not have any kind of TV receiving equipment. Fortuantly, computers with video capture cards (not TV tuner cards) don't count for the purposes of the license, as my only way to watch Top Gear in my room is to find an internet stream or torrent of it. Even then, I'd be better off watching it from somewhere else as while you can watch video streams over dialup with pretty decent quality, it's not even close to a real TV or a nice big fat 450k stream.

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