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MtG decks: Spikeshot Goblin

Let's poke another deck!

Current deck    
Bonesplitter4A 1
Dragon Breath2ER2
Fists of the Anvil4IR2
Furnace of Rath1ERRR4
Gerrard's Irregulars4CR5
Goblin Sky Raider2CR3
Granite Grip2ER3
Iron Myr3   
Loxodon Warhammer2A 3
Mana Geyser2SRR5
Raging Goblin4CR1
Spikeshot Goblin4CR3

Type distribution
Current deck:14629624

Casting cost distribution
Current deck: 1261016     

Colour distribution
Current deck:   31 9

This was originally built by talismancer as a pauper deck (I've got the original decklist if you're curious) - that's a deck which only contains common cards (as opposed to uncommon or rare). It's one of the more effective decks I've got and can reliably hold its own in a duel - most of mine are too slow or disorganised for that. This mainly comes from the very simple win condition, which is to boost the power of a Spikeshot Goblin by a silly amount and then use its ability to whack players in the face for a corresponding silly amount of damage (it's quite capable of throwing 20 points of damage at someone).

As to the current state of it... well, once upon a time it had an official 15-card sideboard. That appears to have evaporated with the exception of the four Gerrard's Irregulars which have been eaten by the deck upsetting the land balance. I'm not sure I want to get rid of all of them as that leaves it a bit light on creatures and the haste ability is nice... so perhaps swap out one each of Bonesplitter and Firebreathing, and keep two of them? The rest is fine though a second Furnace of Rath would be nice (probably replacing an Iron Myr).

And the Loxodon Warhammers? Those I scored from choros to troll opponents with, because why stop at just dealing double-digit points of hard-to-block damage to someone's head when you can also gain that much life at the same time?
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