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'Twas a dark and stormy night

You know it's a dark and stormy night when you can hear the wind whistling through your earphone leads. Not to mention the clanging of the rigging from the yachts moored in the marina.

Judging by the ripples it's quite a stiff sea breeze... and I've a vague recollection that there's supposed to be some extra-high tides around this time. Lemme check the tide tables... no, it was last month that there was a predicted 5.13m tide. Today's is a measly 4.43m above chart datum so I'm unlikely to have a repeat of the floods from last February (caused by a combination of spring tides and a storm surge pushing the water up the channel between Portsmouth and Gosport). Shame, it was quite fun having an actual moat!
Tags: weather

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