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Ocarina of Time: The Future

No, I don't intend to fail NaBloPoMo this soon.

However, you were too young to be the Hero of Time. Therefore, your spirit was sealed here for seven years.
Rauru, Sage of Light

And what he doesn't say is that while you were sealed away, Ganondorf was free to run rampant over Hyrule. The sacking of Castle Town is only the start - pretty much everywhere in Hyrule has suffered in some way from his influence. Even the normally peaceful Kokiri Forest is full of monsters. It's a pretty bleak future you end up in.

Since I'm not elemnar, I managed to make my way past the ReDeads in Castle Town without getting nommed to death.

Anyway, there's a collection of side quests and suchlike to sort out before the forest temple. First up is obtaining Epona, partly because having a horse is quite handy for gadding about Hyrule but also because it's one of the more meaningful side quests in the game what with how Ingo has taken over the ranch and Malon is worried for the animals. Interestingly Lon Lon Ranch one of the areas in Hyrule Field where the sky darkens as you near it (as a sign that Ganondorf's had some influence here), despite not containing a dungeon.

The actual challenge seems straightforward in that it's a pair of races against Ingo, but of course they're not fair races and the AI cheats by spamming the "go faster" button. That said I actually found it rather easy this time - normally it takes me many attempts. The trick I think was to be to try and get in front of Ingo soon, and then hug the corners so that the AI has to run wide to try and pass you.

Next up was Dampé, or rather Dampé's ghost. Again this is a challenge that I've previously struggled with as if you lose sight of him it's hard to work out where to go - that, and there's some doors with very short delays on them so if you fall too far behind you get stuck (and eaten by a grueReDead), but this time round I managed it on the first attempt and got the hookshot. As Dampé says, mind the door on the way out!

Oh, today's neat trick was discovering a new way to get the heart piece in Kakariko Windmill. The way you're supposed to get it is by jumping to the spinning central platform, then jumping to the wooden pillar with the heart piece... but the pillar is wooden. Not only that, but the top surface of the pillar also counts as wooden. And I have a shiny new hookshot that pulls me towards wooden things. I'm amused that even after all these years I'm *still* discovering new tricks for Ocarina of Time.

Finally, I started off the adult trading sequence by picking up the Pocket Egg from the Cucco Lady. I can't quite remember the next few steps in the sequence - I know that at some point you wake up Talon, but between that and getting Biggoron's Sword I forget the details (and I'm trying not to find out while researching these posts!).

Onwards to the Temples!

One in a deep forest...
One on a high mountain...
One under a vast lake...
One within the house of the dead...
One inside a goddess of the sand...

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