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Night driving

The nice thing about night driving is at the right time of the evening the roads are quiet, the idiots are largely abed, and one can have fun on the Bury Hill climb by using both of the climbing lanes (I keep thinking it'd make a good rally stage, combined with the A29 through Coldwaltham and past Arundel). It can get a bit eerie at times when the A27 becomes strangely empty, but that adds to the magic.

The downside is night driving brings out a new class of clowns who don't understand when to use dipped beam. Protip: if there's a car in front of you travelling in either direction, then use dipped beam. Related protip: tailgating the car in front does not, contrary to popular opinion, make them go faster... especially when they're in the middle of a convoy. Especially especially when you've got a badly adjusted set of headlights and are attempting to blind them with your not-really-dipped beam. I had the misfortune to be stuck between someone happily (or perhaps unhappily - whenever I encounter an unexpectedly slow car, I just remember that I was like that on my first few solo/long-distance drives) doing 40mph, maybe 45mph... and someone in a pickup truck who I can only assume was terribly upset at not being able to exceed the speed limit.

Meh, my approach is to let the idiots make idiots of themselves on their own... and be ready to take evasive action during the inevitable hey-let's-overtake-into-oncoming-traffic that happens coming out of the 30mph zone through Coldwaltham.
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