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Apparently the Boots in Fareham can't count. It's eight sprocket holes per 35mm photo, and so 32 per strip of four photos. Not 33, and certainly not 34. Not unless you're cutting the film in the middle of a photo.

Fortunately I think they just missed the edge of the moon with their scissors, so it's not irrecoverable, but merely a right pain to scan given that I now have to convince my film scanner there's 4-and-a-quarter photos on this strip of film.

It looks like they were similarly sloppy on the other roll of film, and clipped the edge of some photos with their scissors. Next time I'll just ask them to not cut the film and give me the whole roll back... which, come to think of it, is what the Boots in Brighton did when I got them to develop some night exposures many years back.
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