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Car check time! [Friday 9th October 2015 at 12:04 am]

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[Playing |Within Temptation - Dirty Dancer [Hydra - Disc 2]]

I thought I drove a lot in August, but during September I managed even further at 790.7 miles. I wonder where it all goes?

Let's see... the round trip to work is 10.8 miles, so that's a whole 54 miles a week in commuting (driving that seems a little excessive, but it's a bit further than I'd like as a daily walk and the bus service has steadily worsened over the years). That leaves 574 miles. Pasta night probably counts for a lot, as Billingshurst is 43 or so miles away, so that's about 360 miles for that. Then there were two more trips up to Horsham which at ~55 miles each way accounts for the remaining 214 miles.

It's interesting to note that I get much better fuel economy on the Billingshurst/Horsham trips (upwards of 45mpg) than I do driving to/from work (35mpg... on a good day). Sometimes when driving to Horsham the estimated range will actually be greater at the end of the journey than at the start, despite having used about a gallon of petrol!

Anyway, last weekend's car check. As usual the tyres were all a little down on pressure, the fronts a bit more at 0.1 bar so those got topped up. Oil was at around 2/3rds so I added the last 250 ml from the bottle I bought last year making it a little over 1 litre of oil consumer - this is quite a bit better than what the book suggests it will use.

Speaking of car checks, I must get the service and MoT arranged. It's not immediately required as the MoT (for non-Brits: Ministry of Transport test, basically a certification that the car is roadworthy) is valid until November, but given that I've had the car for just shy of a year now it's about time.

It's also coming up to insurance renewal time, though that at least will automatically renew itself so I don't need to worry about it. And unlike home insurance where Endsleigh always charged me more each year, Swiftcover have actually decreased my car insurance cost by nearly £100. All hail the no-claims discount!
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