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The end is in sight! Just 12 hours and ~30 minutes until the deadlines for logic and software design, and then I can relax, secure in the knowledge that theres just programming to do for next thursday (and I know what the programming tasks are, and should be able to hack something together over the weekend (famous last words) and then submit it early). Oh, and a presentation for software design on monday, but thats just 8 minutes of powerpoint and BS. And I am teh powerpoint master!!!111!!111!!111one

Okay, I definetely need sleep. Anyone who dares disturb me before half nine will suffer. What, I haven't decided yet. It'll depend on the method of waking and the time. For a guideline, a fire alarm is probably worth something very slow and painful after the number of times the testers set them off during the AI lectures. Yeah, I know wednesday is fire alarm etst day, but do you really need to set the friggin' thing off about 6 times in the course of 10 minutes? Yes, I *know* the alarm works. We all do. And we're plotting revenge on whichever fieldroid set the thing off and couldn't find the reset button.

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