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The uncontainable excitement continues

Oh yes, I completely forgot about yesterday's (not to mention the week before) uncontainable excitement from work.

So far we've been given a rubber and a pencil. Then last friday everyone got a small pad of paper instructing us all to "take note". I say small - it's only a few inches on each side, but about 500 sheets thick! In combination with the pencil it's actually rather useful... that is until the pencil wears down, because we don't have any pencil sharpeners (nor for that matter does work have a stationery cupboard to raid - managed offices, remember?). So a few of us were predicting that the next present would be a pencil sharpener, perhaps labelled "sharpen your skills".

Yesterday what is probably the final present arrived... and it was not a sharpener. Nor was it indeed any kind of stationary. Instead it was a deconstructed foam cube labelled with merger buzzwords, thus completely breaking both the theme of being stationery-related and the theme of the words being related to the thing they're on. Just when we thought we had marketing's theme sussed as well.
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