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August car check

August may well be a new record for mileage at 777.6 miles!

Tyres were the usual 0.05bar down on pressure, probably as much due to the unseasonably cold weather (predicted to be below 10°C tonight!) as anything else. The spare was slightly lower at 0.10bar down so that got topped up. Oil was somewhere around the 4/5ths mark which isn't worth doing anything about, especially given that it's coming up to the annual service.

And speaking of that and what I alluded to in the previous post... yeah, Swan Walk car park in Horsham has claimed another victim. I made the right-hander after the barriers without any issue, was fine on the next two left-handers... and on the third, took it far too tight and scraped the passenger side of the car along the concrete pillar. According to elemnar I was driving like I'd driven there before (despite having never done so), and so paid for my overconfidence in the form of a collection of dents and scratches (slightly dinged corner of the door, somewhat more dented bodywork between that and the rear wheel, and more scratches than I'd care to admit on both). Whoops.

Somehow after that I did then manage to make it all the way to the top of Swan Walk and back out later without leaving any more paint behind, so I suppose that did teach me something about just where the back-left corner of the Alfa actually is. Looking back on it I think my problem there was a mix of not paying attention to how the rear moves during sharp turns (not something I normally have to worry about), thinking that the front sticks out quite a bit further than it actually does (and turning early as a result)... and being far too overconfident about the whole thing.

Still, it could have gone an awful lot worse. The damage is limited to the bodywork and my pride... and my wallet, though hopefully it's not too expensive to bash out the worse of the dents and touch up the paint. Since the MOT deadline is early OctoberNovember, my plan is to book the car in for a slightly early service sometime in the next few weeks and get both that and the bodywork sorted at the same time.
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