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Ocarina of Time: Goron City, Dodongo's Cavern, and Great Fairies

Giant dead Dodongo... when it sees red, a new way to go will be open
Dodongo's Cavern

Quite a bit of stuff since yesterday's update: I've explored Goron City, completed Dodongo's Cavern (I'd swear that the Lizalfos used to be tougher minibosses), and found not one but two Great Fairies. This comes from a mix of knowing the game far too well, and the first couple of dungeons being very linear in design. That's all about to change however as next up is the insanity that is Lord Jabu-Jabu - not looking forward to that one, and especially not looking forward to the boss battle there.

Goron City was slightly puzzling at first, as in Ocarina of Time hitting bomb flowers with your sword doesn't actually do anything (unlike, say, in Skyward Sword where they detonate immediately), but I quickly realised that you can light the fuses with a lit Deku Stick. Getting the Goron Bracelet was easy enough, and Darunia's dancing is still as silly as ever. I also found yet another neat trick: it's possible to collect the heart piece on top of the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern by backflipping over the fence where the bomb flower is.

Dondogo's Cavern I cruised through on a mix of memory and linear design, and unlike in a lot of my attempts actually found the dungeon map before the compass. The Armos were a rude surprise however - they look much nastier in the 3D version (they actually transform when they start moving!), and I don't recall them being as well armoured before either. Though it's easy enough to stun them with a Deku Nut, poke them with your sword, and then run from the inevitable explosion. On the other hand, the Lizalfos I found much easier than before, though I made an interesting discovery while fighting them: it's not actually possible to damage the one that isn't fighting you (in Ocarina of Time, they tag-team you: one fights, while the other watches). It's not just that it runs away, but even if you get into sword range your attacks don't do anything. That probably explains why trying to hit them with the slingshot never did anything useful.

King Dodongo itself was the absurdly easy boss it's always been - feed it a bomb, jump attack for double damage, and then hide under the Hylian Shield as it rumbles around the arena. It's always felt like a surprisingly weak boss given that only three jump attacks are enough to defeat it.

Finally, after collecting the Goron Ruby (two sacred stones down, one to go!) I made my way up to the top of Death Mountain, dodging the falling lava rocks, and met the first Great Fairy to learn the spin attack. Then it was back to Hyrule Castle to find the second Great Fairy and collect Din's Fire, which surprised me a bit - I'd vaguely remembered Din's Fire being elsewhere, possibly in Zora's Domain and collected as adult Link. Or was that Farore's Wind that you found there? I'm sure I'll find out in due course.
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