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Smoked Salmon Tagliatelle [Saturday 8th August 2015 at 11:55 pm]

[Feeling |hungryom nom nom nom]

Since I'm sitting in front of the laptop and have Semagic open, here's another post!

Another recipe that I promised elemnar that I'd write up, again based on something on the back of a packet from Tesco's (their food isn't as nice as Sainsbury's, but they do have some good recipes):

Smoked Salmon Tagliatelle

Serves 1. Cooking time about 10 minutes.

2 or 3 balls of tagliatelle
Half a pack of smoked salmon trimmings (Sainsbury's Basics)
A couple of dollops of cream cheese (Philadelphia works well)
Splash of milk

Cook the tagliatelle for about 5 minutes. Drain, then return to the pan. Add the cream cheese, milk, and smoked salmon, and mix through heating until the cream cheese melts. Simples!

It goes quite well with a rocket salad. Tesco's recommended adding some chives as well, but I use dill as that's what's in my herb cupboard.
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