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August car check

Car check time!

Everything was down a bit on pressure (fronts down 0.05 bar, rears down 0.1 bar, spare down 0.2 bar) so I dug out the compressor and put a bit more air into all the tyres. The oil level had also dropped enough to be worth topping up as well, and about 300ml of oil took it from a bit over half-way to almost full on the dipstick.

Slightly more mileage than last month at 496.7 miles. The regular pasta nights are definitely adding to it at ~50 miles each way - not that I'm complaining, as they're good fun and it's actually quite a nice drive over Bury Hill late in the evening.

Speaking of pasta nights and Bury Hill, last weekend I gave the whole route a try in dynamic mode. It didn't seem much different for the M27/A27 stretch (which is all fast dual-carriageway with long sweeping curves - the sort of road where I wind the Alfa up to 70mph and cruise along), but came into its own once I joined the twisty-turny single-carriageway that is the A29. The car had more of a sense of being able to stick it into the corners without any fuss - especially on the stretch just past Slindon. It was also long enough of a journey for me to get used to the throttle map (which thinking about it mainly seems very aggressive because the normal throttle map is quite laid-back). N mode still wins for pottering around town and for motorway driving, but D is more fun once I find the country roads.

Curiously enough I actually recorded my best mpg yet (48.2 mpg) on that route with D mode enabled.

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