Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

Today's annoyance is discovering that the only way to override an entry in the Firefox blocklist is to disable the entire blocklist. Which then leaves a gaping security hole, because the main point of the blocklist is to prevent Firefox from running malicious addons.

Unfortunately the Firefox folks also use it to prevent one from running older versions of Java and Flash, which is all very well except they block *all* versions of Java and now block last month's version of Flash as well. This is not helpful, especially given that I run the excellent Flashblock extension which replaces all Flash animations with a click-to-play button (and unlike the built-in Firefox feature, it actually works). Combining two click-to-play mechanisms doesn't end well.

Meh. Sledgehammer approach it is, as there isn't actually a security hole on my system (thanks to Flashblock and an anti-virus package). And at least I can still do this - the upcoming mandatory addon signing is not planned to have any override at all (which hilariously is a more locked-down approach than Internet Explorer!).

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