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July car check

Car check time! Not quite as much mileage as the previous check - this time, over the past month I've done only 456.9 miles.

The spare tyre was down 0.05 bar, with the rest spot on except for the front left which was 0.05 bar higher than it should be (I blame the warm weather and general inaccuracies of tyre pressure gauges). Tread depth generally at around 6mm left - the fronts have slightly less tread in the middle (by maybe 0.5mm) compared to the edge, while the rears are wearing pretty evenly. The fronts are inflated to a higher pressure than the rears which may explain it.

Oil at maybe 3/4ths, which is slightly less than last month but again not really worth doing. Brake fluid and coolant are fine... well, I believe the brake fluid is overfilled and the coolant is underfilled, but they were always like that and neither have changed level.
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