Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

Today's crazy driver

Today's crazy driver on the commute back was driving a black car, with a darkly tinted rear windscreen, and a lack of any lights whatsoever.

Including brake lights.

Now, there is an insurance scam where someone will disconnect their brake lights, then wait for an unwitting victim to rear-end them... so I hung back and gave him plenty of room.

I seem to be encountering quite a few crazy drivers these days - the trip to Amberley chalk pits at the weekend for Father's Day seemed to be full of drivers who had no idea where they were going, or even how fast they wanted to go. And then on the return journey I had to brake hard several times to avoid numpties who suddenly decided they wanted to be where I was (including someone trying to simultaneously occupy all of the lanes of one of the Chichester roundabouts). Then finally, as I was climbing the M27 round Portchester I found the opposite of today's driver, trundling along at 65 with the brake lights on. And the lights stayed on as I we left the motorway, came to a halt at the junction, and then pulled away onto the A27. Again, I decided that I trusted him even less than the average driver and gave him plenty of space in which to make a fool of himself.
Tags: driving

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