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Slightly-delayed real life post!

Monday turned out to be a rather eventful day, with the news that $WORK is being bought out! Or rather, $BUYER has "signed a definitive agreement" to buy $WORK (I think that's the right terminology), and will actually properly buy $WORK sometime later. This was not a complete surprise to us, though an outright purchase was at the top end of the various speculations.

Short-term to mid-term is still business as usual, and long-term the tea leaves currently say that the team I'm in is one of the reasons why $BUYER is buying $WORK so it should be all good. One industry analyst actually posted an image of $BUYER's logo eating $WORK's logo, which in turn was eating the team's former logo (the team I'm in was originally a separate outfit that got bought by $WORK shortly before I started). Still, it'll be interesting to see where this ends up.

Anyway, that aside I eventually made my way to Jonners' for the Monday pasta night and games (level 1 JaniBots become surprisingly dangerous when someone boosts them to level 24), which took quite a bit longer than expected due to the M27 junction basically being broken by design. Picture a roundabout with four exits - M27 to the left and right, and other major roads to the top and bottom. Now imagine everyone wants to turn right, with traffic lights conspiring to gridlock the roundabout. Supposedly the highways folks are improving this though they don't seem to be doing much at the moment. Once I got onto the motorway however everything flowed nicely (apart from one numpty deciding to undertake me when I was indicating left), and for once even the return journey was free of bad weather! It's quite a different trip with a clear night sky, a lack of kamikaze drivers, and mysteriously absent road works (the supposedly closed Chichester bypass was completely open).
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