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Finally got the two to talk sensibly. What I want to know is why they were working with NetBIOS disabled on the laptop quite well until just now. Maybe it's because I've yet to make a blood sacrifice to the laptop. Then again, the desktop has claimed some blood from me (those metal punch-outs leave nice sharp edges behind just waiting to catch a hand stuck through the hole), and that doesn't seem to have improved its tempermanent.

Of course, now my laptop will be plotting revenge, and will probably end up doing it's usual stunt of completely failing to recognise a length of Cat5, or for that matter a 802.11b card, next time I get it to do anything vaguely network-related. Knowing past experience, I'll probably get fed up and go back to the stone age of NetBEUI and water-powered 386 computers. They were more reliable, too.

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