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In the beginning, $oldThing exists and does something well. Until...

$newThing: Hey look, we have a shiny new thing!

$newUsers: Ooh, shiny!

$newUsers: *flock to $newThing*

$oldThing: Hmm, we're not getting new users these days. I know! We need to be more like $newThing!

$oldThing: *Changes everything*

$newUsers: *Continue flocking to $newThing, because that's what everyone else is using*

$oldUsers: *Abandon $oldThing, because it no longer does what it used to do*

$oldThing: Why are we losing users instead of gaining them?

For $newThing and $oldThing think, say, Chrome and Firefox, or Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr and everything that isn't Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr.

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